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If you do not want to enter your password information while logging into our web site as our member, your are required to click on the small box nearby “Remember”. Thereafter you would not need to re-write your password information in order to enter the site.


What you are going to do when you forget your password;


Simply click on “I forgot my pass.” button just under the “Login” button; Please write your “Firm Company E-mail” or “User Company E-mail” and thereafter click on the “Send” button.


When you click on the “Send” button writing your company e-mail, if you are registered member, the all account information of all of your company users is submitted to your e-mail by Shipdata Administration.


When you click on the “Send” button writing your user e-mail, if you are registered member, only your account information is submitted to your e-mail by Shipdata Administration.


When you make the member log in


The links at right side are used for your firm activities in Shipdata.





The first page is opened when you enter Shipdata.



In this section, you can see the registered users of your company in the system, you can add new user. You can assign all of company workers in order to use system opening user password to each of them. The most important point here is, to determine the limit of activity of each user to enable which features and services that they can use in the system.


You can see your company info in this section. If there is lack of information or you wish to ammend your company information, you can make necessary additions or ammendments by simply clicking on the “Change” button below first and “Send” button later on the new page opened after making the related ammendmends or additions. So that your company info will be updated.


Under your company information; you can see the grading of your test results with answers under tittled “Question and My Response”.


If your company is our solution partner or our business partner, you can see the membership information of the companies which filled in the application forms in order to become Shipdata member via your e-mails to those companies direct from Shipdata.









You will see the ship list that you have added to site earlier. If you have not yet added any ship and if you have any ship under your company management please click on “New Vessel” button and edit your ship information on the opening page. If your ship information is available in Word or Pdf file format, you can add same and you can also add your ship picture as well. Please record all ships under your company management.


How can you edit the position of ships that you have added to site ? :


In this section, you will see the list of ship positions you have added previously. Please click on the image under “port” column and please determine Region / Place / Port information of the ship in the opening page. (Region is mandatory, but others are optional). Thereafter please determine the opening dates of your ship clicking on date images at date 1 and date 2. Thereafter select the region where you wish to proceed and select if that region is “preferred” or “peremptory” (This selection is optional). Further please select the one option to broadcast your ship position “Save into Shipdatanews”, “Save into ShipdataClub”, “ Proper to Cargoes Save” or “Archive” . We recommend you to select “Save into Shipdatanews”. The ship position will be active just when you have saved the changes. If suitable cargoes available for your ship positions in the system, on the right hand of your ship position just nearby the image, it is given by the numbers. When you click on the number, you can see the list of cargoes suitable to your ship position. If you wish to send e-mail to the cargoes suitable to your ship position, simply click on the small boxes at left and click on “send e-mail” button below. You can click on more than one cargoes and send e-mails to them. Please write subject of your e-mail and your message in the opening page. You can also attach file to your e-mail. In addition you can also add your ship positions and cargoes available in the system that are indicated just below your message area. Simply click on the ship position and cargoes by mouse (For more than one choice ctrl + Mouse and click) the places you have clicked turn to be blue color and added to your e-mail. The e-mails that are sent in this section is submitted to the e-mails of the companies registered in the system and saved into the messages section. If E-mail sender can also save the outgoing mails into “Sent Messages” section.


Quick Update of Registered Ship Positions :


Simply click on “Quick Update” button under your ship positions, change position information on the opening page and click on “save” button below. When you make quick update, your ships previous registered area and broadcasting area do not change. If you aim to make change upon this information, you should update positions item by item.


Deleting The Registered Ship:


Just put a check to the small box at left of your ship name and click on “Remove Records” button below. Then your registered ship to be deleted.






Your Vessel at Regular Voyages :


In order to put your registered ship to the regular voyage, simply click on “Add Voyage” button. Please select the ship that you aim to put on regular voyage at the opening page, fill in the required fields and click on the “save” button below. Please repeat the same procedures for each new ship.


Updating the Ship Information on Regular Voyage :


Click on the ship names of which you aim to make updating under regular voyage. You make essential update at the opening page and save that change.


Deleting the Ship on Regular Voyage :


Check the small box at left of ship name and thereafter click on the “Delete Voyage” button below. So that your ship will be deleted from regular voyage and turns back to normal ship position list.


Recording Vessel Search Adds :


Click on “ New Ship Search” button at “Our vessel search adds” Section. Fill in the required fields in the opening page and click on the “save” button below. Your add to be broadcasted.


Deleting the Vessel Search Add :


Put a check the small box at the left of vessel search add and click on “Remove Records” button below. Your add to be deleted and removed from broadcasting.


Adding the Ship For Sale & For Hire :


In order to broadcast the ship in this section, you should have a registered ship.

If you have a registered ship and you wish to broadcast this ship at “On Sale / For Hire My Recorded Vessel” Section, simply click on the registered ship name and at the opening page just below the ship particular information, put checks to small boxes nearby ship for sale and for hire explanations and add more information to the message section. Thereafter click on the “save” button. That ship to be broadcasted at the related area.


Deleting the Ship For Sale & For Hire Add:


You should remove the checks at the ship for sale & hire section in the ship particular information page and simply click on the “save” button. So that your ship is to be deleted from the related area.










You will see your registered cargoes in this section. You can add new cargo or you can update and delete your cargoes.


Add Cargo :


Identify loading and discharging information of your concerned cargo by selection. In order to make best shıp search, click on arrow nearby “Your Ship Search Criteria” message. Later determine the best ship selection for your added cargo at opened area and click on “save” button. Your cargo is saved and if available the best suitable ships for your cargo are given in number nearby sign. When you click on this sign, you will see the list of suitable ships for your cargo. When you put checks to the small boxes at left of ships and click on the “Send Mail” button below, you can fill subject and message area of the opening page and you can send e-mails to those companies via their registered e-mails in the system.

One copy of those sent e-mails are also sent e-mail account of sender firm registered in Shipdata.

While sending your e-mail you can also attach your one or more ships or cargoes to that e-mail. Just below of E-mail message area, you will see your registered ships and cargoes. When come onto those ships and cargoes by Mouse and put a click on them their color changes to blue and if you browse ctrl + click, then the selected ships and cargoes will be included in your e-mail message.


Cargo Updating :


In order to make updating on the recorded cargo, simply click on the cargo name. You will see the detailed cargo information at the opening page. Please update information and simply click on “save” button. So that you will have made the update on cargo information.


Cargo Deletion :


Please put a check to the small box at left of cargo name. Click on the “Remove Records” button. The cargo will be deleted from the system.




You can record your interested Ship, Cargo, Company and Persons to your company diary and closely follow them. But How? Put checks to the small boxes at left of each row after search results of “Ship Positions”, “Company Search Guide”, “Cargoes” and “Job Searchers” sections that alla re at left hand of web site and later click on the “save to my diary” button below. When you carry out this operation the all information will be recorded to your diary. You can also add your companies to the diary. That information can be seen only by your company and you can send e-mail to them in the system.




You can see your outgoing and incoming e-mails in this system. In accordance with your choice to question asked at “My Company Info” section which is “Keep e-mails in my messages” saying Yes or No, Your e-mails are or are not hold in your mail box. You can reply your incoming mails from this section.




In this section, you can send private message to you or your company personel or personel of any other company. The message that is sent from this section is not e-mail. Only “you have a message” sign appear on the mail box of receiver. The messages sent from this section are only seen by sender and receiver. You can reply the incoming message or you can request remindment of this message at latter time.




You can announce your company staf recruitment needs from this section. You can also attach files in the opening page after filling in the required fields.


Updating The Registered Personnel Add :


Click on your registered Personnel Add by Mouse. You will see your broadcasted personel add at the opening page. Do the necessary updates and click on “save” button. Your updated adds is immediately broadcasted in the concerned area.


Deleting The Registered Personnel Add :


Put a check to the small box available at left of your broadcasted personel add and click on “remove records” button below. Your broadcasted personel add to be immediately deleted from the system.




This section is the area where your company can make any announcement for any legal subject.


Updating The Announcement Information:


Click on your announcement, then your announcement page is opened. Make essential update and click on the “save” button. Your announcement will be instantly broadcasted after update.


Deleting The Announcement :


Put a check to the small box at left of your announcement. Later, click on “remove records” button. Your announcement will be removed from the broadcast and system.




You can take assistance about ShipData at this section.




If you put a check to small box of “remember” while doing member login, you can logout from the sytem closing the website or opening another web site. If you did not put a check to “remember” box you can exit from the system by clicking on “logout” button.


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